Dry? Damaged? Flat? Solutions with Wella

Spring is fast approaching and we think it’s time to give your hair the treatment it deserves! We understand that it can be difficult picking the right shampoo for your hair due to the many options available but fear not! Here’s our quick overview for these amazing hair products!

Wella is a popular hair care company and they’re well loved for a reason! Wella products are great in quality and our customers never have anything bad to say about them.

wella sp colour save

Red caps are for people who have coloured hair and are known as the ‘Save Colour Wella SP’ shampoo and conditioner. Not only do they lock in colour, they’re also used to help the colour resist fading.



Blue caps are mostly for people who have dry hair, they are the ‘Hydrate Wella SP’ shampoo and conditioner. Those with normal and damaged hair can also use this shampoo. It is a complex hydrating formula with Vitamin B5.



Dark purple caps are for those with damaged hair, they are the ‘Repair Wella SP’ shampoo and conditioner. Also can be used for those who have dry and coarse hair. Help repair and nourish damaged hair!



Purple caps are for people who have thin flat hair, they’re known as ‘Volumize Wella SP’ shampoo and conditioner. It hydrates the hair follicles from inside and helps give maximum volume.



As you can see we have many options for many different hair types. If you think you see your type, pop into Scissors and we will be happy to advise you further!

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