Something Special for Mum

Sunday, 26th March 2017, Mother’s Day

To all the great mums of the world, we are so thankful for all that you’ve done for us. For bringing us into existence and nurturing us into who we are today. So it is only right that we should give you what you deserve on this special upcoming day!

A luxurious pampering is the perfect gift because of how relaxing it would be! Getting expensive gifts is a lovely gesture but nothing beats a soothing facial or a trendy new hairstyle. Pamper gifts would add the right personal touch and it’s hard to go wrong with them! With both Scissors and A Touch of Beauty, there are so many options to choose from, from hair blowouts, haircuts and dye work to massages, manicures, and facials! Who wouldn’t feel like a total Queen?

Time for a new shade? Manicures with Kate!

Or maybe a fabulous make over?

For mums who need help controlling their hair!

For mums with coloured hair!

So don’t delay, book with Scissors to give your mum the Royal Treatment she deserves!

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