Mauve Hair with Wella Instamatic

Here at Scissors Hair & Beauty, we have a beautiful new addition to our colour range.

Wella’s Instamatic by Colour Touch, in Muted Mauve.

This stunning mauve can achieve that on-trend, pastel shade, in a subtle and sophisticated way.

How will it look?

The initial hair colour will largely effect the end result with this product. For example, on white or light blonde hair, this shade would be more true to the colour on the packet. However, on darker hair, a more subtle hue would be achieved. This can brighten up your look without making a drastic change to your hair.

It also depends on how long the product is left on for, to achieve the desired intensity.

Below are some rough examples of the colours you should bare in mind if choosing this product and shade. Think soft purples, pinks, lavenders and silvers.

The way this product works means that you will be left with a beautiful shade that is completely unique. The hue fades beautifully over time, which means you are free to experiment with your hair, without committing to a dramatic fashion colour.

How else can it be used?

Wella Instamatic by Colour Touch can also be used for colour correction. This tone is great for toning down brassiness and combating yellow undertones, whereas other shades in the range counteract reds and orange pigments.

If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your look with a subtle change, or are looking for a brand new you, Instamatic could be the answer.

We hope to see you in the salon soon!

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