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Light up your summer with Lily-Flame candles

This week we have some exciting new products in stock, that would make great additions to your own home, or would work perfectly as gifts for your friends and family.

Lily-Flame candles:

dolly rocker, blush and fairy kisses Lily-Flame candles

Lily-Flame candles are a unique and eye-catching range of candles. Starting off as a completely homemade business in 1994, Lily-Flame has become a household name in the UK.

These candle tins burn for 35 hours and are sized at 7.7 x 6.6cm.

The summer heat has us all feeling stuffy and in need of some fresh air. Lily-Flame candles are the perfect way to add a delicate scent to the summer heat, without being overpowering.

Take a look at some of our favourites.

dolly rocker and fairy kisses lily flame candles pink

‘Dolly Rocker’ has a scent that matches its name –  strong and girly.

‘Fairy Kisses – (A Fleeting Dream)’, is as magical as you would imagine. With soft, sweet smells that add sparkle to your day.

blush and exquisite candles lily flame

‘Exquisite’ is a classic combination of a subtle spring fragrance mixed with vintage scents. A delicate freshness, ideal for those stuffy days.

‘Blush – The first kiss of the night!’ – gives off a sultry scent, perfect for romantic summer evenings.

pretty candles pink and blue

The attention to detail in these candles is delightful. Along with the charming designs on the tins, (from the quirky names to the metallic writing), the candles themselves are beautifully made. We’d love to see how these alter when they melt! We can imagine the colours slowly swirling together, creating a unique and ever changing pattern.


Come and take a look (and sniff!) at these lovely candles for yourself at our salon in Macclesfield. You’ll find them in our beauty room and on display in the reception area.

See you soon.


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