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In line with the seasons, there’s some changes going on at Scissors Hair & Beauty. One of these is our brand new line of bespoke hair products from System Professional. This brand has always been a strong favourite here at our salon; bringing us high quality hair care and styling that is well worth the money. Here at Scissors Hair & Beauty, we want you to be able to continue that salon-fresh feel at home; and System Professional is a fantastic place to start.

Take a look below to see some of our top picks from our latest stock.

Fibra Solar:

Scissors Macclesfield System Professional solar range

As the days get colder, it’s easy to forget to protect your hair from the suns rays. System Professional have an entire range dedicated to ensuring your hair doesn’t suffer on throughout autumn. From shampoo and conditioner, to sun oil and sealing cream, the solar formula has UV filters to protect from damage and avocado oil to re-hydrate. Be it late summer holidays or just catching the last of the season here in Macclesfield, this collection has you covered.

Forma Hydrate & Smoothen:

Scissors Hair and Beauty System Professional

System Professional Scissors Hair & Beauty

Along with repairing damage from the summer, autumn is the season to prepare your hair for the colder months. The ‘Forma’ lines from System Professional are a great option for ensuring your hair doesn’t dry out. Two of our favourite ranges are the ‘Hydrate’ and ‘Smoothen’ collections; one restores moisture balance whilst the other detangles and softens (a great choice for naturally curly hair!).


Scissors Macclesfield bespoke hair styling

System Professional Macclesfield haircare

System Professional’s styling range covers all basis to help achieve the best possible look for you. From a ‘Beautiful Base’ for lightweight bounce, ‘Creative Care’ for shine and softness and ‘Dynamic Definition’ for hold and definition. We love the ‘BB Instant Reset’ dry shampoo for busy days and the ‘DD Sculpting Clay’ for shorter hairstyles.

That’s just a small look at the new products we currently have available. To see more and to bag your own bespoke hair products, be sure to pop into our salon on Samuel Street, Macclesfield.

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