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While we’ve all been staying at home, our skincare regimes may been put on the back burner. With less makeup, more exercise and healthy, home-cooked meals, you may be questioning why your skin isn’t looking it’s best. However, stress and a lack of routine are just some of the things that could be affecting your skins health.

Whilst everyone’s skincare needs are different, there are a few basic steps that everyone should try to follow. In part three of the Touch of Beauty blog takeover, Kate shares some of her favourite products from Eve Taylor London to help you build a simple, at-home skincare routine.


Whether you’re wearing makeup or not, cleansing your skin is crucial. Worry, hormones and environmental factors can cause dirt and oil to clog your pores. For those of you who like to double-cleanse, we recommend the ‘Clear Cleanse Pre-Cleanser’ from Eve Taylor for a gentle first step, followed by your favourite water-based cleanser.

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Along with cleansing, regular (not too often!) exfoliation can be key to clear, glowing skin. Eve Taylors ‘Age Resist Active Complex Exfoliant’ is a great exfoliating peel mask with AHA’s and other antioxidants to treat your skin to during a weekend pamper session.

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Depending on your skin type and needs, you may benefit from adding a serum to your everyday skincare. One of our all-time favourites is the ‘Triple C Serum’, an anti-ageing, lightweight vitamin C gel that’s great for layering under moisturiser.

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Image Credit: Eve Taylor London

Hydrate & Protect:

Moisturising is one of the most important parts of your skincare routine, especially during times of stress. Dry skin can produce access sebum, which blocks pores and causes spots. Try to opt for a moisturiser with added SPF, such as the ‘Age Resist Day Cream with SPF30, to protect from damaging UV rays.

Thank you for reading our latest blog. We hope our tips and advice can help you to build your own skincare routine, to keep you looking and feeling pampered while at home. Eve Taylor London products will be available in our salon when we reopen!

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